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The Palo Alto Little League (PALL) Middlefield Ballpark project consists of certain improvements to the existing Little League facility and field.  There will be improvements ranging from new covered seating, renovated restrooms, new netting along foul lines to protect cars, improved dugouts, new bullpens, new pitching mound, remodeled snack shack, and clubhouse.  The cost of the improvements will be paid for by Palo Alto Little League using only private funds.

  • Greater Integration with Mitchell Park to enhance our community experience 

  • ADA compliance (bathrooms and seating for families)

  • Field accessibility for our Challenger League players

  • Rebuild of the dugouts and snack shack to better serve our guests 

  • Year-round practice compatible infield 

    • Lower water use (water is a huge cost)

    • Persistent infield drainage problems 

  • Updated bullpen facilities for during games

  • Facility and Field have not been updated in 20 years

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